Merekat - Too Much Fun in Babylon (2019)

The first official Merekat film clip was filmed over a year, starting with the drone shots of the boys at Boar's Head Lookout during a controlled fire burn which produced beautiful red skies, and ending with the bike riding scenes (some of which were filmed hanging out of a sunroof, thanks to Jason for driving around the block really slowly over and over!)

Goro - Kongou (2018)

The film clip for Goro's first single Kongou features Elixir as a robot assassin turned b-boy who exacts revenge on his creators, Caustic and Waza. Most of the video was filmed in two days at CwC Studios and around Town Hall in the city, with extra in studio-shots added later.

El' Jistos - Everyday People (2018)

Everyday People was filmed in Katoomba and the city in the winter of 2016, and released after the Everyday People fundraiser two years later. All people in the video were filmed with permission, and with the help of a whole lot of amazing people, we managed to raise $1,470 for StreetSmart Australia.

Jimmi Carr - Free Right Now (2019)

Jimmi and I trekked out to Mt. Victoria to capture the sunrise, and then to various swimming holes in Hazelbrook and out in his backyard to capture a homely and relaxed feel for Free Right Now. Thanks to Happy Mag for the premiere.

Elixir - Done Did It (2018)

Done Did It was filmed all in one day at Radiata Plateau, one of my favourite places in the Blue Mountains. Production on the track comes from Jake C, featured in the video alongside Kyle (both from Merekat). 

Stretchy MC - Catapults and Cannons (feat. Yuleogy) (2017)

This collaboration between Stretch and Trav was originally meant to be a 'behind the scenes' type video, with shots of the song being recorded and sneaking some bars in at the kitchen where Trav worked. I came up with the polaroid idea at the last minute, got all the stop motion shots of the polaroids the same night, and stayed up through the next day editing the videos inside them. 

Cooking with Caustic - Natural Selection (2014)

One of my very first music videos was filmed in the garage of Two Toes studio with a small compact camera and a dodgy tripod. The buildings were made from old boxes of Two Toes CDs, the meteor from clay (not chocolate chip cookies like it looks) and the robots laser beam from long exposure shots with a sparkler.

Merekat - Lights Out (live rendition) (2018)

The first Merekat video was a live version of the album opening track Lights Out. All of this was filmed pretty spontaneously at Jake's place, and there just so happened to be rosebush nearby, for some perfect Valentine's Day vibes.

Bomb Threat - Fly on the Wall (2019)

My second video with Bomb Threat involved filming the crew, Eli's breaking, and newspaper and magazine stop motion in an art studio (thanks Dagni!), filming the crew lounging in front of an old TV (thanks Aunty Jack's Restaurant!), and asking as many people in Parramatta and Katoomba as possible if they can hold up our signs. 

Ghost Attack - The Realness (feat. Mighty Ash) (2018)

The Realness was filmed in one day on the streets of Sydenham. Does it get more Inner West than that?

El' Jistos x Pirandaa - You Know I'm No Good (Amy Winehouse cover) (2017)

This cover was recorded in Catalyst Punk studios with five or six of us in the one small room on a thirty degree day in Sydney. Massive thanks to Sammy from Le Prime for additional filming, hats and shirts.

Intaloopa - I Saw You (2018)

Waz and I created the first Intaloopa video with a homemade green screen, DIY lighting setup, instruments used on the track, and a few Roman busts for good measure.

Kadence - Through It All (2018)

The very purple video for Through It All was filmed mostly spontaneously at sunrise on the rooftops of Katoomba, Eagle Hawk Lookout and Kingsford Smith Park, with cloud timelapses done at Catalina Park and out my bedroom window. The colour swap worked well to change all the spring green colours into bright purple.

Earprojector - I Wanna Kill Cassie (2018)

Earprojector's first music video was filmed at the Shelter studios in North Katoomba. Massive thanks to Felix for additional filming and Tyson for operating the lighting and smoke machine, after we stumbled outside blinded from the strobe lights I knew we'd got something special.

Stretchy MC - Bells of War (feat. El' Jistos) (2018)

After doing a whole bunch of Serious Rap Videos™ with both Julz and Stretch for a year or so, we decided it was time for something silly. A few days spent in fitness parks around Sydney and Bells of War was born.

The Marquis - De La Luna (2017)

We filmed the Marquis' first video in an apartment above Parramatta Road in Annandale in record time for fear of noise complaints and angry neighbours. A few more scenes of beers, darts, and general debauchery were filmed (including a cameo by yours truly) though were ultimately left out of the final video. Maybe a director's cut someday...

Stretchy MC - Trump Card (2017)

On Trump Card, Stretch and I went for an apocalyptic vibe; Stretch trapped in his safe room with the orange sky outside, peering through holes to a strange red landscape, with his blue jacket as the only colour of that kind through the whole video. The hole in the wall shots were filmed at Leura Cascades with my double fisheye technique. 

Catalyst Punk Records - Plateau cypher (2017)

Initally there was a huge plan for the Plateau cypher to be filmed on rooftops, courts and carparks of Sydney in the late hours, however after a week of rain and more rain to come on the day, we settled for the stairwell instead. Again thanks to Sammy from Le Prime for clothing and lighting.

Waza - Tell Me How (2015)

In an article in Happy Mag for the premiere of Tell Me How, the video was described as "more joyful than a ray of sunshine or a double rainbow" and "the definition of what it means to be unashamedly happy". I thought that summed it up pretty well, and we had heaps of fun making this. 

Innamech - Was Not Out (2016)

Was Not Out was an exercise in being as weird and confronting as possible, and in Jimmi's words 'for everything to make no sense at all'. A huge editing process followed to get the colours all trippy and wrong. Happy Mag did another awesome article for the premiere of this one.

Waza - Rocks and Bones (feat. Aquila Young) (2016)

A simple visuals video for Rocks and Bones was filmed at Leura Cascades; I tried three different types of timelapses before deciding the waterfall should just flow backwards. In that time I sat down and read half a book (the Martian?) getting way more footage than I could ever need of this one waterfall.

Cooking with Caustic - Introducing... (2014)

Another stop motion video for the Cooking with Caustic crew, this was used as a teaser for their debut album From Mercury to Pluto. Krimsone painted the album cover on the wall of Two Toes studios before I photographed it and it became the face of the record. 

Stretchy MC - Get 'em All (2016)

This was the very first video that Stretch and I did together, and the start of many collaborations since. We weren't really sure what kind of theme we were looking for, only the vibe of a cold night in the mountains, and we learnt alot about working together and matching visuals with music. Mosquitos made a meal out of us on the abandoned bus aswell.

Stretchy MC - Saudade (part 2) (2017)

A simple two take video for Saudade was shot in north Katoomba, with the street and oval where filming was done down to the jacket and shoes that Stretch wore having a specific meaning to the song. I went for a faded red and yellow colouring; I guess I thought my idea of nostalgia was that it makes things seem warmer and friendlier than they actually were.

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